Welcome to Photography by Gagan.

Photography, derived from the Greek word, the art of drawing through light, is essentially what I love doing. Creating art and timeless photographs which captures emotion and story. As an experienced Asian wedding photographer I have covered great stories from various faiths.

Documenting an Asian wedding with an artistic flare has always been at the forefront of my vision. Essentially it boils down to seeing things differently. In order to do that I’m always challenging myself creatively on how I can deliver something unique and meaningful.

My style of photography has developed over the years, it encompasses many facets from contemporary, chic to fine art. Appreciating each wedding is unique I place great importance in communicating with my clients so that we can both understand the vision and the expectations.

Finally a wedding is a union of two people and two families, it consists of loved ones, family and friends, infused with similes, laughter, celebrations and tears. Each wedding takes a tremendous amount of time to plan, from organising the venue, décor, clothes, jewellery and those intrinsically important finer touches.

It is within this window of time I work to capture those unique moments forever, in its right context in its right splendour. Taking photographs is only one part of the process, it is how those photographs translate into a story you can hold and experience time and time again, is essentially the investment I endevour to enrich.